Dairy, Egg and Nut Free Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Thanksgiving time! Today was my 3 year old’s Thanksgiving feast at his daycare. Everyone brought in the traditional foods, none of which my son could eat. (To make his lunch extra special today, he got Chick Fil-A….I think some of his friends may want his special lunches from now on!) I always volunteer for the treat for class parties. That is the hardest to bring in a similar food, so I always sign up as soon as I can. This year, I wanted to make Pilgrim Hat Cookies. There are many recipes online, but ALL of them call for fudge stripe cookies. To make it egg, nut and dairy free, I opted to make my favorite allergen free chocolate chip cookie recipe from the Food Allergy Mama. All of her recipes are awesome, and I didn’t want to experiment for such a well-respected classroom full of foodies! Let’s face it….toddlers are picky. Well, they all LOVED these! If you want the exact recipe, please leave me a message or pick up a copy of the Food Allergy Mama’s Baking Book (there is a little plug!) for the chocolate chip cookie recipe. The rest of the recipe was the same as the numerous posts I found on the Internet.  I used Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips to create the chocolate base and to put around the marshmallows. It worked great!

You get an iPhone pic for today, as we are still working out kinks from our house flood. Enjoy and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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