I know it has been a very, very LONG time since I posted last, and I promise I have a very good reason, which I will get to in a later blog. However, I first wanted to take the time to remember two precious lives that have been lost recently in my home state of Georgia because of a food allergy. I did not know these boys personally, but as a mother of a food allergic child, it rips my heart out to hear of deaths in children, especially when it comes on account of them eating something they are allergic to. The deaths of 15-year-old Jharell Dillard and 20-year-old Tyler Davis (which is still an unconfirmed death from his allergy, as toxicology reports are still pending at the time of this blog post) are tragic reminders of why we need to educate our children, our families and our caregivers about the importance of always carrying epi-pens if you have an allergy. These lives were taken too soon. I pray for their families as they try to find peace and understanding in losing their loved ones. I also pray that the family of Tyler Davis will be provided with quick answers as to what happened at his University dining hall. Two lives lost in Georgia in a matter of three days because of a food. It is scary. It is sad. And something needs to be done.

Please don’t let these boys have died in vain. Always be vigilant about carrying your epi-pen, reading food labels and educating your children about the importance of not eating foods they aren’t sure about.

Anaphylactic reactions happen SO very fast. Just because you have not experienced it in the past, does not mean it cannot happen to you or someone you love. All I can say is be vigilant, my friends. Please keep these families in your prayers and hug your loved ones tight tonight.

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