So…where have I been?

I promised yesterday that I had a good excuse for not blogging. What is that excuse, you may ask? My husband and I are expecting our second child! We are thrilled and so is big brother Caleb! I am due February 1. I felt horrible at first, so I stayed as far away from cooking and baking as I could. I do have some recipes that I have tried, so I will try to get them up in a more timely manner now. Honestly, most of the stuff I have baked has been someone else’s tried and true recipe. There is nothing worse than having a craving for something, taking the time to bake it, and it turning out all wrong! So, I have stuck with what I know works and what I know is good! I will say this pregnancy has just worn me out. I feel like I am always in a bit of a fog, but it will totally be worth it come February!

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